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    Great and Marvellous is the Creation of God; the Crown and Masterpiece of it all is none other than – Man, and great indeed are the Men who are chosen to lead others and light the lives of those around them.

   The significance and meaning of Investiture: “A formal investing of a person with authority, power, right, office or dignity. Within a school context it means the Office Bearers holding aloft knowledge, courage and confidence; a Day when Individuals are to be invested with responsibilities.”

   They are the trail blazers, the innovators, the torch-bearers, the leaders, the chosen few upholding the values the school stands for. They are like the beacon occupying the most coveted positions, providing direction to their friends and juniors, aiding the smooth governance of the school. They comprise the elite school senate.

Investiture Ceremony 2012


Investiture Ceremony 2014


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