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St.Ann's Junior College for Girls

(Recognised by Board of Intermediate Education A.P.)
College Code : 28031


St. Ann's Junior College for Girls was started in the year 1991 to impart value based education to girls.

St. Ann's Junior College for Girls is a professionally managed institution of St. Anne's Educational Society. The Society has a long and distinguished international tradition as educators at School, Intermediate and Degree. In a short span it has gained the reputation as one of the foremost educational Institutions.

The following combination of courses are offered:
   ·Mathematics and Physical Sciences [M.P.C.]
   ·Mathematics, Economics and Commerce [M.E.C.]
   ·Commerce, Economics and Civics [C.E.C.]2.
    Courses: The following combination of courses are offered:

Second Languages :

     For Intermediate classes there will be periodical tests and examinations which are compulsory for all. Periodic Progress reports will be given to parents (which need to be duly acknowledged) on the day of Parents Lecturers' Meet.

NOTE:  Students must attend all the tests and term examinations conducted by the college or else
             they will be fined.
             Co-Curricular activities will be held during college hours.

College expects its students to be very regular in attending classes and 85% attendance is compulsory. Owing to illness, a student is unable to attend classes, a leave letter, duly signed by the parent along with a medical prescription for 1 to 4 days and medical certificate for more than 5 days, should be submitted to the Principal in person. A prior information of leave can be informed over the phone to the college telephone number 27050489 or in person but the hand book should be duly signed after the leave. For any other valid reasons, the parent should meet the principal personally and submit the leave letter. The Principal may remove from the rolls the name of any one who is irregular.

NOTE: Every student should maintain a late cum leave record which is to be duly filled and signed by the parent whenever a leave is availed and countersigned by the Principal.  If a candidate is short of attendance they have to pay attendance shortage fee or else Hall Ticket will not be issued.

             Since Intermediate course is a turning point in students' career, the parents are asked to encourage their children and to follow closely their progress. Enquiries by parents or guardians about the progress of students will always be willingly answered. They should try to visit the college often especially when the Principal arranges meetings with parents. Marks and grades and relevant information will be given to the parents.
In the academic field, the college expects all students to excel in their studies.

         The college expects every student to uphold the discipline of the college both inside and outside the college. They must imbibe in themselves a sense of duty and discipline. They should conduct themselves in such a way as to confirm to all the rules and regulations stipulated by the college for the benefit of the students. By their disciplined behaviour, they are expected to bring credit to themselves and name and fame of the college.
Loitering about in the college premises is strictly prohibited.
The Principal may also expel a student for any of the following reasons:

a.  For action on the part of the student which directly or indirectly affects the 
    dignity of the institution.
b.  Gross breach of discipline.
c.  For any other valid reason.
d.  Students are strictly forbidden from any kind of wild noisy and disturbing
     behavior/celebration on campus.
e.  Students are responsible for their belongings. The Management is not liable
     for the loss.
f.  The Principal may, at her discretion, reserve the right to issue a Transfer 
     Certificate to a student who does not show adequate progress in studies or who 
     is irregular in attendance or whose behaviour is not conducive to the smooth 
     working of the institution.

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St. Ann's Grammar School

Malkajgiri, Hyderabad - 500 047
Phone: +91-40-27050489, 27053326       Fax: +91-40-27062077