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            " Education is not filling the mind with a lot of facts. Perfecting the instrument and getting complete mastery of my own mind."                                                                                                  —Swami Vivekananda
            Education is not only the ready access to 'off-the-shelf information' but also about the development of critical awareness and the ability to transform what one is given into something more meaningful. Thus, it is a great challenge to use knowledge in this direction.

          Here, In St.Anns, We have created a very special place for children from nursery to class X. Our unique  environment is especially responsive to a child's developmental stages and innate desire to learn. Our teachers are specialists in facilitating development in children. They are keen observers and are adept at recognizing learning capabilities in children and also emphasize on enabling self- learning.

           We are guided by the philosophy of respecting the child, creating a nurturing environment and encouraging self-reliance. We follow a 'personal best' approach, thus eliminating peer pressure and ill effect of it. We reinforce the inner drive for self-improvement and aim at making it a sustaining process.

          In a nutshell, we are a community of parents, students and staff, working towards, a shared vision of imparting value education and with all these elements working in unison for the past 25 years; we have created a "symphony of learning".

Let's Read on..........  What BAMBOO TREE teaches us

               A gardener was once given the responsibility of developing a barren of land to a beautiful garden. He was holding a bunch of seed to be planted in the soil. In the bunch, two seeds became best of friends... one was a bamboo seed and the other was a normal seed.

            Next day morning, the gardener planted both the seed close by... both seed were excited. Both promised to each other that they will have continuous conversation with each other. These are the conversation between both the seeds:

On the day of the planting the seeds

Bamboo seed: I think we are going to grow very big; wishing you all the best.
Normal seed: Yes, wish you the same

After 6 months......

Normal seed: I've already become a sapling. What about you?
Bamboo seed:
I'm not yet. But I'm strengthening my roots; I too will grow.

After 1 year....

Normal seed: I've already become a plant. What is happening to you?
Bamboo seed:
I'm strengthening my roots; I'm confident that I too will grow.

After 3 years....

Normal seed: I've already become a small tree. Why nothing is happening to you?
Bamboo seed:
My gardener is watering me every day; he has not given up on me. In that faith, I'm strengthening my roots.

After 5 years...

Normal seed: I've already become a big tree in the garden; but, not even a trace of growth in you. I think, you are dead.
Bamboo seed: I'm not dead; I'm strengthening my roots with great intensity. I don't even care what you think about me. My gardener, who is my guru, has told me , "When the one within you believes in you, even if nobody else believes in you, no force on the earth can stop you from crossing the finishing line." So, I want to tell you, I believe in myself; something tells me that I'm going to grow.

After few days, a tiny sprout emerged out of bamboo.

Normal seed: (Laughing) My God... finally, something has come from you;  I think, it will take another 100 years for you to grow even into a plant.
Bamboo seed: I'm confident that I'll grow big... I'm strengthening my roots every day. After 5 years and 6 months, a miracle happened; the bamboo shoot had grown into 100 feet tall, gigantic bamboo tree.

Normal seed: (With a sad feeling) How is it possible? What you have been doing for past 5 1/2 years? Please tell me the secret.
Bamboo seed: In the last 5 1/2 years, you invested so much of your time comparing yourself with others and feeling happy, when you grew bigger than others and feeling sad, when other seed grew into bigger trees than you. In my case, I never wasted, even a single minute of my time in gossiping, criticizing, making fun, thinking badly of others. I gave all my time to strengthen my roots. When one invests one's heart, soul, mind, energy, and every bit of one's time to strengthen one's roots, 100 feet tall tree is a possibility.

What the bamboo tree teaches us is:

1) The bamboo seed focused on what was in its control to strengthen its roots. Let us keep strengthening our roots every day without absenteeism; one day, we are bound to grow as tall as a bamboo tree.

2) If the bamboo was disappointed and unearthed itself once in every one year in different soils, it would have never become a bamboo of this height. So, once we've identified a purpose to live for, let us not unearth ourselves every now and then, as this will not help us to reach our potential.

3) Bamboo seed never quit based on other's comments and sarcasm. There will be people in the world, who will put others down and let us not give in to such negative thoughts. Remember the words of the gardener, the guru of bamboo, "when the one within you believes in you, even if nobody else believes in you, no force on the earth can stop you from crossing the finishing line."

4) Bamboo seed never wasted any time in gossiping or criticizing others; so it could exclusively focus on itself. Let us not waste our time in gossiping, criticizing, making fun,, thinking badly of others. We have limited time; what others do or don't do should not affect us. Let us focus on our development and we too can become a bamboo, sooner or later.

          Infinite thoughts

Mr.M.M. Augustine
Principal & Administrator

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